Swaddelini Bamboo Baby Sleep Sack



Help your baby sleep and control the moro-reflex that often wakes them up. With our “Hug Technology” you and your baby will discover a new kind of sleep!

Swaddelini Bamboo is made with 100% natural Bamboo made in a mechanical (NOT chemical) process. One end of bamboo is paired with our moisture wicking and antimicrobial nylon for stretch and durability. The compression comes from the elastic yarn covered with nylon.

Recommended sizing:

  • The Swaddelini small size goes from about 6-12 pounds.
  • The large goes from 12 pounds up to 18 pounds and both can be used as a transition swaddle.
  • When the baby rolls over, leave arms out! This makes the Swaddelini a wearable blanket.
  • If you are buying this for a baby who is yet to be born, I highly recommend the small size even if you are told they are going to have a big baby.