Oilogic Slumber & Sleep 2-in-1 Vapor Bath & Shampoo

By Oilogic

9 FL OZ / 266 ML

Slumber & Sleep 2-in-1 Essential Oil Vapor Bath  & Shampoo is formulated with a natural, concentrated blend of 100% Pure Essential Oils to help babies calm and relax. 

Slumber & Sleep Essential Oil 2-in-1 Vapor Bath & Shampoo uses 100% Pure Essential Oils including:

    • Lavender Oil
    • Chamomile Oil 

Free of...

petroleum - phthalates - parabens - sulfates - gluten- dea - dyes - mineral oil - artificial colors - synthetic perfumes



Pour a generous amount of Oilogic’s Slumber & Sleep Vapor Bath into a warm bath and allow your child to soak while breathing in the calming vapors. Use foaming liquid as a gentle cleanser by applying to a soft washcloth. Recommended for babies 3 months and older.