Good Banana Sparkly Unicorn Beach Ball


The only thing bigger than our new jumbo-sized Beach Balls are the smiles of the kids bopping them across the pool. Each is infused with XL-sized glitter too—shimmering in the sunlight with every bounce. These Beach Balls practically glow in the sunlight, with a half-and-half design that showcases a colorful character inside the clear window with a complimentary color on the back half.


• They're giant, sparkle-filled beach balls!
• Oversized internal glitter shimmers in the sun
• Glitter jumps when the ball is bounced and bopped
• Giant-sized ball is over 20 inches wide when inflated
• Perfect for imaginative play, pool parties, classrooms, field days, beach trips and more
• Durable, soft-touch PVC with easy-fill air valve

It's All In The Details

Our Beach Balls come in four designs, happy to match even the biggest of personalities at your pool party. The soft-touch PVC construction is durable enough for an endless summer at the beach cottage yet smooth enough for the littlest hands. To inflate, simply unplug the standard valve, fill it up, and plug it when it is nice and bouncy.  

Sparkles Galore

Just like the kids that will be playing with them, this Beach Ball collection loves the sun. The glitter inside has a bright and colorful brilliance that comes alive in the backyard and pool water surface—play a game of volleyball or catch and watch the sparkles jump on impact. Shake 'em up and let the good times roll!