Britax Anti-Rebound Bar For Clicktight Car Seats

By Britax

Upgrade your Britax Clicktight car seat with yet ANOTHER terrific safety feature! The Britax Anti-Rebound Bar can be installed to your car seat in rear-facing mode to further limit rebound in a frontal-impact crash. The Anti-Rebound Bar is designed as an alternative to rear-facing tethering, if your car's design doesn't allow it.


You can use the Britax Anti-Rebound Bar with the following car seat models:


  • Advocate Clicktight: E1A265Q, E1A265Z, E1A265N, E1A26F8
  • Boulevard Clicktight: E1A326H, E1A326A, E1A325Q, E1A325S, E1A326F, E1A316G, E9LT87J
  • Marathon Clicktight: E1A385R, E1A381Q, E1A386B, E1A386L, E1A386N, E1A376P, E1A374G


The Anti-Rebound Bar is for rear-facing installations only - please remove when you reverse your seat to face forward.