Baby Blends Bottle Whisk



Baby Blends Bottle Whisk is made with BPA free Food Grade silicone. They are intended to be left in the bottle for quickness and ease to sooth baby's hunger screams. Baby Blends fit most bottles and are dishwasher safe for an even easier clean up. How To Use: 1. Place a Baby Blend in a bottle of your choice 2. Make your bottle as usual 3. Shake! Stop fishing for clumps. Baby Blends Bottle Whisk is a BPA & Phthalates free in-bottle whisk designed to break and eliminate clumps for easier feeding. Do not Break Your Routine! Baby Blends Bottle Whisks is made for flexibility. They are dishwasher safe, designed to be washed quickly. Our egg shape design fits most bottles. We are here to make parenthood easier! Our team handles each Baby Blend with love to ensure amazing quality. We understand your baby comes first so we use only the best Food Grade, BPA & PVC free silicone.